Build Sell 30

The 30-day challenge to build a startup, earn $100 and sell it!

• You have to build a new online business. Cannot be an older project.
• You may use any platform or stack you want. Tweet once a day with the #buildsell30 hashtag and share your startup's progress during a cohort.• You're encouraged to dedicate 1 hour a week discussing your progress with the founders and mentors in the discord.

How to participate:

Joining is free. But you must be committed! Winners get prizes from Sparrow!1. Complete the waitlist form. Mandatory!2. Wait to be added to the discord group.3. Follow BuildSell30 on Twitter to stay updated on our announcements.As you wait, get familiar with our highly recommended tools that help startups grow:- Fast email finder
- Trustworthy Influencer finder
- GPDR-compliant traffic analytics tool

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When does #BuildSell30 start?

We will announce the beginning of each cohort on our Twitter. Our current cohort is for July 2022. And this is the sequence of activities that we recommend as a first-time founder!

Can I get mentored for building and growing my startup?

Yes, in addition to the mentors that we have on our discord, our sponsor (Sparrow) has vetted startup advisors who have helped several founders like you validate their ideas and earn revenue!If you want to learn to scale your startup, hire a fractional CMO or receive growth training for your team, reach out to Sparrow or HireCMO.

What should I do during each week of the cohort?

Great question. Every founder has their preference and strengths and can choose to build and grow their business in their way.However, this is the schedule/plan that we recommend. Have a look here.

What's in it for me?

Besides fame, fortune, and glory?#BuildSell30 is a real-world learning experience. Think of it as your own 30-day MBA on steroids. You're going to learn a ton from building your own business and the community!Ignore your doubts. Take the leap with us! We'll support you.

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Sequence of activities for founders participating in buildsell30